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How to choose cages for the chameleon

Keeping a chameleon as the pet is the most exciting thing as it is one of the most wonderful and exciting creatures. You can take care of the chameleon very easily if you can adopt the ways of keeping it happy. You need to know how to feed it and make it happy inside the cage. The most important thing to consider when you are bringing the chameleon at your home is set up its cage. Chameleon cage set up is the most important and crucial thing to done to keep your chameleon happy and healthy. It should feel safe and can live peacefully inside the cage. You will find different types of cages for your chameleon but you should choose the best and the compatible one for your chameleon. Here I am discussing few things which will help you to choose the cage for your chameleon.

You should buy a spacious cage for your chameleon. Chameleon likes to live in a big space. The cage should be designed with natural substances. You can fill up the cage with the small pants, stones, soil, etc. things so that the chameleon get the natural feeling inside the cage.

You should not pick too small or too large cage for your chameleon. It is advised to buy a moderated sized cage for your chameleon. In the small cage, the chameleon will not feel comfortable to live in. If you choose a large cage, it would be difficult for you to clean it every day. So, you should buy a cage which is moderate at the size and can keep Chameleon safe and healthy.

While choosing the cage for the chameleon, you should avoid choosing the glass cage. Though glass cage looks beautiful and suitable for displaying your chameleon, it might be harmful to the chameleon. Glass cage can increase the heat inside the cage. The rise of temperature can create irritation for the chameleon. With the glass reflect the chameleon may see itself on the glass, it may depress it and the chameleon can react differently to it.

You should choose a cage which is easy to clean. Glass cage is difficult to clean. On the other hand, the cage made of screens can easily cleanable. Chameleon can feel comfortable on the cage and breathe easily if the cage is cleaned regularly.

The cage you will buy for your pet should be strong enough to keep your pet on it. The foundation of the cage should be strong. Your chameleon should be able to move around the cage independently. The lock system of the cage should be well protected.
So, you should keep in mind those things to buy a cage for the chameleon.

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